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    WWE 2K20 Review – What a Huge Botch

    Developed By: Visual Concepts

    Published By: 2K Sports

    Platforms: PS4 / XBOX One / PC

    Reviewed On: PS4PRO

    WWE2K20 is an annual series in the same vein as other sports titles such as NBA2K, or even FIFA whereby the development window is small in order to meet the release date. With years past though, the WWE 2K series has been having an up and down battle with the fans due to multiple complaints about how gameplay systems are changing sometimes for the better or worse or even the graphics. Even though these past few years’ developments have been shared between Yukes and Visual Concepts the failings the series has always been attributed to the former due to how long they have overseen the series. To fans of the series, this year marked the possibility of a new beginning due Yukes not being involved anymore so is WWE2K20 finally bringing the glory back? Nope, not even close.

    Graphics & Music

    The last entry I played in the series was WWE2K18 and although I didn’t think that was graphically mind-blowing at least to me it looked way better to what we got in WWE2K20. It’s like all the character models look pudgy and weird. They couldn’t even get at least their cover stars right. Animations seem to be recycled and that’s fine if it works there isn’t any harm in that. The biggest problem graphically with this game is how even though by now it’s like beating a dead horse but the WWE2K series really needs to take this game engine and destroy it. It’s like an old Toyota I used to have that was falling apart due to how my Dad had been neglecting it but kept splashing a new coat of paint on it and acting like everything is fine even though driving it feels like driving a death trap. I’ve had multiple crashes that happened randomly. Even when loading the game crashed for no apparent reason. On that note, almost everything has loading screens and it really is infuriating. The number of glitches has been well reported by now by those brave enough to jump in and even with the latest patch released (1.02) the issues are still there. If anything was fixed it is still buried under all the other graphical issues still plaguing the game.

    The soundtrack? Well it’s the typical licensed music but I found none to be particularly memorable or catchy. It’s just meh.


    Presentation & Gameplay

    There are a few interesting modes in the game aside from the basic PLAY mode where players can pick the superstar they want, the type of match and etc and just jump in. There is the 2K Showcase mode which focuses on the Four Horsewomen this year. I thought that this was a really good idea in theory as it gives players a chance to delve into historical matches and events and relive them with added footage from the focused wrestlers. My problem with this mode is how you are constantly given a checklist of things you must do in the match. I mean if you are limiting it to the big moments in the original matches itself then it’s great but here it’s one after another endlessly until the end of the match. What’s hilarious about this is if you don’t pull the moves off in time, the match that historically your wrestler won can be won by the other A.I controlled wrestlers then you must do the whole damn thing again. It’s just a huge waste of time that sours the experience.

    The “expanded” MyPlayer mode which now includes one male and one female wrestler which you follow on their journey isn’t any better. It’s like the worst parts of the game is showcased and highlighted in this mode. I mean as far as stories go, I’m not expected something transcendental but at least a well-written one but here it is laughably juvenile and unfunny. The cutscenes look like they came out of the early PS3 era and look terrible with flappy mouth lip-synching. It’s also quite aggravating how even the cutscene transitions must load up. The myriad graphical bugs are ever-present with wrestlers walking through the custom sets, money in the bank briefcases disappearing, movies not really landing, the controls refusing to cooperate etc. I didn’t even bother to finish this mode and the showcase mode due to how annoyed the game just made me all the time.

    Oh, and before I forget they introduced online lobbies back right? Well, that sucks too. Searching for a quick match takes ages, joining an open lobby constantly causes me to join a lag filled match which results in me just being a punching bag. This game is just straight-up broken.

    What I Hated

    • Everything – It’s so bad I’m just deleting this game straight off my PS4.
    Well, don’t say they didn’t warn you.



    This is probably the shortest review I have done and I’m not even proud of it. I didn’t even bother talking about everything else in the game because why should I if this is the level of respect I get as a videogame and wrestling fan. This game just made me feel so annoyed all the time and playing it was excruciating. In a way, it’s kind of like mirroring the real-life situation of WWE right now where they have an incredible roster full of potential but constantly shoots themselves in the foot with bad creative decisions. I can only hope that the series really takes a break next year and builds a brand-new updated engine which realizes the true potential of this series but knowing their track record they are probably not going to even bother. So, if they are not going to bother why should I? Hopefully, that rumoured AEW game comes out sometimes soon and really shows how it is done the same way it is done in real life. Do yourself a favour and do not play this game even on sale. It’s not worth it.

    Final Score – 3.5/10

    Jashvir Sandhu
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