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    Review: 10 Second Ninja X

    10 Second Ninja X Review

    10 Second Ninja X is exactly what you expect from the title. It is a fast pace speedrunning puzzle game in which our timely Ninja has 10 seconds to complete each level. Seeing as this type of genre has fans from both its predecessor (10 Second Ninja) and Super Meet Boy, hopefully this game will be able to satisfy fans of old and new gamer a like.


    The game starts of with you being kidnapped by Greatbeard, a chubby looking antagonist who might look familiar to some old school gamers out there. Greatbeard invades the peaceful forest and starts turning animals into robots. It is obvious that the game pays homage to the Sonic the Hedgehog series as the antagonist looks like Doctor Ivo Robotnik and the protagonist Ninja is in blue. The similarities between both games is only one thing, and that is speed.

    Owww… Let me go!!!


    The game is simple enough. You have 10 seconds to traverse a level to rescue all the animals who were turn into robots by destroying them. The controls are simple and handy with the ability to instant reset if you screw up. Precision in this game is crucial and luckily, the controls responsiveness in this game is perfect. As you progress, levels get tougher and you have to not only be quick on your feet, but also quick on your wits as obstacles are added to the levels to make your life more miserable.

    Leaderboards for each level

    Nothing feels better then getting a new best time.
    Planning is everything

    There are a total of 60 levels plus 40 legacy level from the previous game. Players can try their hardest to get up to 3 stars for each level. The faster you complete the level; the more stars you get. Unlocking more stars will unlock bonus items like costumes and certain areas. This will give opportunity for players who love collecting item or completing their trophy collection some challenge.

    Completion is display at the lobby
    Need…. More… Costumes!!!


    This game is not easy and may provide challenge to some players. It is good that they make a somewhat stressful game mix in with some comical relief. This make completing each stage rewarding to hear some batter between Greatbeard and his crew. Overall the game took me about 2 hours to complete the story but there is a lot more to do if you want to get 3 stars on every level. This game is a great change of pace and I hope we see more from this brilliant studio.

    Bonus rooms

    Gameplay Video


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