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    PS4 Games Coming this April.

    Upcoming PS4 Games for the month of April 2019!

    So here we are, another month, another great line-up of PlayStation 4 games coming up. Find out what games are coming to your PlayStation 4 this month!

    • This month, we’ll see 2 Fighting Games greeting the market – Mortal Kombat 11 and Power Rangers Battle for the Grid.
    • There are two Zombie/Feral being games coming up, both look interesting and I wonder which will be the better game – Days Gone or World War Z.
    • Fans of Chinese RPG will be glad to learn that Sword and Fairy 6 is coming out this month, and for the fans of Japanse RPG, we have Zanki Zero: Last Beginning and the popular Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Trilogy coming up.
    • For speed adrenaline junkies who prefer the racing genre, there are two treats for you this month – Dangerous Driving and Phar Lap Horse Racing Challenge. Cars or Horses, your choice.
    • Shoot em up fans. Get yourself locked and loaded and get ready for Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain.


    Seems like there’s something for everyone this month 🙂 , have fun everyone and happy gaming.

    Release Date – 2/4/19
    Game – Sword and Fairy 6

    Release Date – 2/4/19
    Game – Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid

    Release Date – 3/4/19
    Game – Blood to Bow: Last Captain Standing

    Release Date – 4/4/2019
    Game – Hob The Definitive Edition

    Release Date- 5/4/19
    Game – Phar Lap Horse Racing Challenge

    Release Date – 9/4/19
    Game – Bendy and the Ink Machine

    Release Date- 9/4/19
    Game – Dangerous Driving

    Release Date – 9/4/19
    Game – Vaporum

    Release Date – 9/4/19
    Game – Falcon Age

    Release Date – 9/4/19
    Game – Zanki Zero: Last Beginning

    Release Date – 9/4/19
    Game – Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy

    Release Date – 11/4/19
    Game – Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain

    Release Date – 16/4/19
    Game – World War Z

    Release Date – 16/4/19
    Game – My Time at Portia

    Release Date – 17/4/19
    Game – Trüberbrook

    Release Date – 18/4/19
    Game – God’s Trigger

    Release Date – 23/4/19
    Game – Mortal Kombat 11

    Release Date – 25/4/19
    Game – Aggelos

    Release Date – 26/4/19
    Game – Days Gone

    Release Date – 30/4/19
    Game – Fade to Silence

    Release Date – Tentatively in April
    Game – Golem Gates


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