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    Xenon Racer out now for the PS4!

    Xenon Racer a game published by SOEDESCO and developed by has released on PS4/Xbox One/Steam on March 26th 2019. The game is an electrifying arcade racer set in the year 2030. Xenon Racer comes to the PlayStation 4, the family of Xbox One devices including Xbox One S/X, and Nintendo Switch, both digitally and physically.

    Xenon Racer has both a performance mode and quality mode, both running in 4K resolution. In the quality mode, the graphical settings are at their highest and the frame rate never drops below 30 FPS. In performance mode, some graphical settings are turned down a bit to guarantee a steady 60 FPS



    • Race at top speeds in electric vehicles boosted by Xenon gas
    • Drift through the streets of cities like Tokyo and Dubai in 2030
    • Triumph in singleplayer, split-screen & online multiplayer championships
    • Customize your car with tons of parts to create the ultimate racing vehicle

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