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    Seven: Enhanced Edition launches for PS4

    Developer Fool’s Theory and publisher IMGN.PRO has finally released parkour isometric RPG Seven: Enhanced Edition with the inclusion of the base game and expansion “Drowned Past”.



    You play as master thief Teriel who has a demon inside his head on a prison island of Peh. You get to parkour and shoot enemies as well as stealth. The enhanced edition features PS4 Pro enhancements and includes the expansion “Drowned Past”

    Seven: Enhanced Edtion main features:

    • 3D Isometric RPG
    • Rich, interwoven storyline
    • Combat: multiple styles allow for players to be creative in how they tackle obstacles
    • Hero Progression System: based purely on skill and equipment; progression unlocks new upgradable skills
    • Open world perfect for exploration
    • Brand new climbing system
    • Stunning environments
    • Play Your Way – Stealth or brute force, freedom of choice

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