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    Desperados III – Cool concept Miniature Trailer

    Sometimes, actions speak more than words, in which case a lot of handmade action of Desperados III presented by developer Mimimi Games and publisher THQ Nordic. Showing off real-life miniature action, staged in miniature landscapes, all 3d-printed and handcrafted, and shot on a single desk, which will morph into in-game gameplay.

    Behind the scenes

    A story-driven stealth

    Desperados III sets in a ruthless Wild West scenario where a team of misfits joins up in John Cooper’s conquest for redemption, leading him and his gang from rural towns, over swamps and riverbanks, and finally to a dramatic showdown worthy of Wild West legends.

    Play with a plan to survive, pairing up with your team’s special skills to overcome each tough challenge in your own style.

    Key Cowboy Features

    • Play five unique characters, each with a very particular set of skills
    • Experience true freedom of choice with countless different ways to overcome any obstacle
    • Defeat large groups of enemies with careful planning and execution
    • Witness the glory of classic Wild West scenarios like frontier towns, mysterious swamps, sprawling modern cities, and many more
    • Choose between non-lethal and deadly attacks, stealth and blazing guns
    • Adjust the game to your playstyle with various difficulty settings and special replay challenges
    • The Showdown mode allows you to pause the game anytime and react to ambushes or surprise attacks

    Desperados III is releasing in PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on June 16.

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