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    E3 2019 – What To Expect From Microsoft’s Xbox This Year

    Time for Xbox to shine?
    Ever since the launch of the current generation console (PS4,XBOX1) in 2013, the “console war” between Microsoft’s Xbox and Sony’s PlayStation on the E3 stage has always been a topic of debate among fans. – Who had a better presentation? Who announced more games? Whose games are better? –

    Many would say that Sony’s consistent line-up of promising exclusive games showed at E3, have decisively put them ahead of their rivals in the console race. And few could argue otherwise.

    This year, however, following Sony’s decision in not taking part in 2019’s E3, all eyes are now on Microsoft’s Xbox and if they would up the ante in their keynote at E3 this year.

    Xbox Going BIG Seemingly Assured.
    In E3 2018 Microsoft announced that they have acquired 5 Game studios as part of their plan to reinforce the production of more exclusive titles, that number later increased to 7 late last year.

    The Head of Xbox, Phil Spencer has revealed on his twitter that Xbox would have 14 games ready for showing this year, more than they have ever had in E3.

    On the new Microsoft Game-Streaming Service, Project xCloud.
    Microsoft’s game-streaming service, Project xCloud is already up and running according to Phil. Though he claims game streaming is still years away from being trendy but admits the technology is already coming together. Should Microsoft reveals more on this in the coming E3, it would hopefully provide a glimpse on Xbox’s interpretation of cloud gaming and how it’d stand out from Google’s Stadia.

    Xbox Game Pass for PC @ E3 2019.
    Microsoft has announced its plan to bring the Xbox Game Pass service to the PC market. The game pass will give players unlimited access to a library of over 100 PC games on Windows 10. This includes titles from reputable developers like Bethesda, Deep Silver, Devolver Digital, SEGA, and more. Microsoft will be revealing more on the line-ups of new games and offers for PC players in this coming E3.

    Tell us about the NEW consoles, please?
    This would definitely be the single most important announcement from Xbox should they decide to touch on this topic. Sony has already shown off bits of what its next PlayStation Console could do with lightning speed load time, now the burden is on Microsoft to pamper us with a glimpse of what the future holds for Xbox owners.

    Here’s hoping for the best.
    Microsoft has got plenty of options to choose from for the E3 this year and they all seem capable of providing a good volume of excitement that the Xbox brand desperately needs.

    With all eyes focused on Xbox’s keynote this year, Microsoft must show they are capable of leading the market race from a pole position.

    Sony’s withdrawal from the E3 is a sign that they have established an insurmountable gap between them and their rivals. The ball is now in Microsoft’s court to prove otherwise.

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