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    World War Z: Players vs. Players vs. Zombie

    Developer Saber Interactive and publisher Focus Home Interactive has released their new trailer featuring their new game World War Z introducing PVPVZ “Players vs. Players vs. Zombies”. This gives us the clearest indication yet that players not only have to worry about the zombie threat but also other players themselves.


    Here are the revealed game modes thus far;:

    • Scavenge Raid – a race to secure resources in order to win
    • Vaccine Hunt – pick and hold objects to gain points over time for the team. The longer you hold, the more points.
    • Swarm Deathmatch – a head-on collision between 2 teams
    • Swarm Domination – capture the flag or multiple zones in order to earn points for victory
    • King of the Hill – capture a single zone or hill, earning victory points over time.

    Previously, screenshots of the game have been revealed as well as a look at the classes available for players.

    Without a definite release date yet, what is known so far is that World War Z will be coming for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC this 2019. Stay tuned for more news on this as it breaks.

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