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    Metro Exodus: Uncovered Trailer

    Set in the year 2036, after a nuclear war leaving the earth devastated. Uncover what remains of life in this new trailer presented by developer 4A Games and publisher Deep Silver for their upcoming game, Metro Exodus.

    Discover the world outside

    As Artyom, lead your spartan rangers to the world outside across post-apocalyptic Russia in search for life outside the tunnel world. The whole story will span over an entire year with changing seasons aside from day/night cycles.
    The three main cores of gameplay are combat, exploration and survival in a devastating open world concept battling both ferocious mutants and tactical human foes. Prepare to either run in guns blazing or take a more measured stealth approach in dealing with every threat, all left to the player.

    In our previous coverage of the weapons trailer and shotgun class trailer, a deep customization option is waiting for players in how they set up their arsenal.
    That’s not all, as players will need to hunt for resources for crafting medical kits and gas mask filters while navigating hazardous environments such as anomalies and toxic zones. Nothing is safe in this game which includes dynamic weather such as electric storms. Camps and outposts are available for players, for rest and replenishment with advanced crafting options.

    Metro Exodus will be tunneling its way out on February 15 2019, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. See you in the wasteland, Spartan.

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