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    World War Z: 6 playable classes

    Developer Saber Interactive showcased a new trailer for World War Z this time to show off the 6 playable diverse class system, thanks to IGN.


    Here is an overview of it:

    • Slasher: silencer equipped, slashing melee and wired tasers which electrify surroundings
    • Exterminator: C4 explosives with remote control, and grenade launcher for that AOE field clearance
    • Hellraiser: mine up the fields, and back off. See the hell spawns as they blow
    • Gunslinger: like its name; the guy with shotguns, and machine guns to bulldoze his way through the crowd. Lead the way!
    • Medic: She can shoot assault rifles and heal/revive your teammates from afar. Yup, wish they had that in Battlefield. She can also use smoke grenades to sneak through the hordes of zombies.
    • Fixer: The guy behind the BIG vehicle machine gun and a gun with explosive bullet rounds


    World War Z is hording its way to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC this coming 2019.

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