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    Zeus & Athena coming to WARRIORS OROCHI 4 and there’s a PVP Mode?

    At the ACGHK 2018, Masaki Furusawa (Producer at Omega Force) introduced some new characters for their upcoming title, Warriors Orochi 4. He also hinted on an online 3v3 multiplayer PVP; this may be first for the entire series!

    Here are the following new announcements:

    • New Characters Zeus and Athena

    This is Athena, but for some reason, she looked like..
    Angewomon!! From the Digimon series!


    Almighty Zeus with a Scepter?!
    • Athena is a Sword and Shield bearer, her shield can shoot laser beams with effects that can petrify people; Ready to get stoned with Athena?


    • Zeus can call upon balls of lightning (hehe balls..) through his scepter with big radius clearing


    • 170 characters in TOTAL (is this the super smash bros?!); collaboration between Samurai Warriors and Dynasty Warriors ( Lubu against Zeus, because why the hell not!)
    • Game supports online mode. Furusawa stated that there is an online 3v3 mode in the game, the online content may support up to 6 players at once, despite the game box stated as ‘ for 2 players only’
    • Splitscreen co-op (offline or online) is still available in this series


    The game will be released to the North American market on October 16, 2018, for all consoles (PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Steam)

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