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    Warning! Radiation Alert! Chernobylite Bursts Onto PC Now!

    Video game publisher All in! Games and development studio The Farm 51 have announced that the sci-fi survival horror RPG, Chernobylite, has left Early Access and is now available on PC (Steam, GOG and Epic Games Store) for $29.99/€29.99/£23.99 with a 10% discount that will be available for 7 days.

    To celebrate the occasion, All in! Games and The Farm 51 have partnered up with Corsair, a leader in gaming gear, to enhance gameplay immersion via their brand new iCUE game integration system. Explore the wastelands of the Zone with dynamic keyboard lighting and turn your desktop into a fully synchronized, real-time visualization of in-game actions and events!.

    Chernobylite has foregone tremendous changes over the course of Early Access, adding more than 15 new story missions, 11 brand new story characters, new weapons, maps and gameplay mechanics, increasing the average game time to 20+ hours. For more information about the Early Access journey, check out the latest developer blog post.

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