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    Arcade Biplane Shooter Red Wings: American Aces Takes To The Skies On PC And Nintendo Switch On March 31st

    Publisher All in! Games announced that its arcade biplane shooter, Red Wings: American Aces, a spin-off of their previous in-house developed arcade shooter, Red Wings: Aces of the Sky will be launching on PC and Nintendo Switch on March 31st. A 20% pre order discount is available for Nintendo Switch until March 31st.

    Red Wings: American Aces puts players in the pilot’s seat of a nostalgic, action-packed arcade shooter illustrated in a vibrant comic-book style with a gaming mode for every occasion, also featuring online multiplayer. Budding air aces have 15 different planes to choose from, each with its own unique plane skin across 30 campaign missions available in local co-op for 1-2 players.

    Players can also embark on three different gameplay modes, Score Battle, Time Battle, and Hide n’ Seek in a game where fast frenetic arcade gameplay and short gameplay sessions are sure to keep budding pilots on their toes. For larger aerial battles players can build a squad of 5 otherplayers in elimination mode against other squads where safety in numbers can make all the difference.

    “Red Wings: American Aces honors the older arcade classics but adds a modern twist allowing for online multiplayer – the first arcade aerial shooter to do that! We wanted to pile on the fun factor in a big entertaining way rather than creating something locked into historical accuracy. There’s plenty of different planes and modes to choose from so each play session offers a new experience.”

    Norman Lenda – Development Director

    Key Features:
    • Fly online – Test your skills against a max of 9 other players in Last Man Standing, Score Battle, or Time Battle modes or gather your squad of up to 5 pilots and battle other squads in Elimination, Time Team Battle, or Score Team Battle modes
    • Fly locally – Play custom games in 3 different modes (Score Battle, Time Battle, and Hide n’ Seek (2 players only)) solo against AI or against another player
    • Complete 30 missions in campaign mode – relive the aerial dogfights of WWI and encounter all manner of unexpected challenges (available in local co-op for 1-2 players)
    • Upgrade your pilot progression skill tree – develop your pilot skills and rearrange points depending on the mission at hand
    • Pilot 15 different warplanes, each with unique skins – stand out in the heat of battle with a plane your enemies won’t soon forget
    • Rise to the challenge – be prepared for thunderstorms that blast skill cooldowns, sandstorms that reduce visibility, missions where you’ll only be able to take out enemies with barrel rolls, and more!+

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