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    vivo X90 Series, The King of Flagship Photography Smartphone Will Be Arriving In Malaysia Soon

    Entering a brand-new year, vivo is bringing good tidings to Malaysia with its latest flagship X series – the vivo X90 series! The vivo flagship model X series has always been known for its powerful specifications and magnificent photography capabilities in the smartphone industry. When the latest X series – vivo X90, launched in China last year November, it received more than 97% positive feedback with doubled the sales volume compared to the X80 series, the highest achievement of vivo to-date.

    The vivo X series established its fame in the industry in the past ten years for its intense performance and imaging alongside a spectacular appearance. vivo dares to challenge themselves with the soon to be released X90 series which elevates every aspect of a smartphone to a higher level, determine to offer users a premium flagship experience.

    In 2020, vivo officially established a global imaging strategic partnership with ZEISS. This year, ZEISS created a one-inch ZEISS main camera featured in the vivo X90, making it the first smartphone in Malaysia with a one-inch main camera sensor. From noise reduction ability to colour reproduction of smartphone images, the vivo X90 series made a robust breakthrough in the industry.

    In terms of performance, the vivo X90 series successfully created a game-adaptive technology with a combination of the world’s first Dimensity 9200 and vivo’s self-developed V2 chip which complements each other. Not only does it prevent the phone from overheating and increasing the duration of frame stability, the vivo X90 series is also equipped with the world’s first self-adaptive image quality mode for the popular game: Honor of Kings.

    During the launch of the vivo X90 series in China, it achieved first place in the domestic market share with 24% in the price range of RMB3,500-RMB5,000 (approx MYR 2,300 – 3,200), scoring three times more than the second place.

    The vivo X90 series accomplishes perfection in every feature. Consumers no longer need to choose between imaging features or gaming experience as X90 series have it all for you.

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