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    Viewfinder Snapshot Coming To Steam Now Offering A Glimpse Of This Mind-Bending Puzzler

    For the first time ever, Viewfinder is playable on Steam for PC players to get a taste of what is to come in the full release, launching later this year. Viewfinder Snapshot is coming to Steam now, a free demo that launches as part of the Steam Puzzle Fest, running between April 24th and May 1st. Viewfinder Snapshot offers players the chance to experience the mysterious first-person puzzle adventure for themselves and see why its mind-bending, world-shaping mechanics have led to it becoming one of 2023’s most anticipated indie titles. Developed by SOS (Sad Owl Studios) and published by Thunderful, Viewfinder is coming to PC and PlayStation 5 as a console launch exclusive in 2023.

    In Viewfinder Snapshot, players will be introduced to Viewfinder’s mechanics and play through some fun early-game puzzles where you find photos and start to play with the possibilities of how Viewfinder lets you use them to reshape the world. The demo then fast forwards to a few later levels, where you’ve got hold of the camera and can take pictures yourself, giving you the opportunity to really start really testing out some of the advanced puzzle mechanics that are possible in the game. There’s even a couple unique surprises and easter eggs hidden in the demo for eagle-eyed players to spot!

    In Viewfinder, Photos, paintings, sketches, screenshots and posters can be placed in the world to become a fabric of its reality, reshaping the environment around you. This unique mechanic delights in the way it plays with perception, evolving in surprising directions that keeps challenged with every new puzzle they encounter.

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