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    Anthropomorphic Co-Op FPS Roguelite ‘Gunfire Reborn’ Arriving On PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 On June 1st

    Gunfire Reborn, the hyper-stylized level-based adventure game featuring FPS, rogue-lite, and RPG elements developed by Duoyi Games and published by 505 Games, will launch on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 on June 1st, 2023. Already enjoyed by millions on other platforms, Gunfire Reborn melds fast-paced FPS gunplay with rogue-lite structure and rewarding RPG progression that compels for just one more run. Seek out loot, weapons, and mighty magical scrolls and vanquish mighty foes either solo or in a two-four-player co-op as one of six anthropomorphic heroes with vibrant, stylish designs and hero-specific abilities.

    Utilize more than 100 in-game weapons and items to create chaos in each set of procedurally-generated levels, including dual-wielded weapons, smoke bombs, cleaving melee attacks, and more to help blast through each dungeon as swiftly as possible. Learn from each inevitable death, master the combat rhythm of each encounter, and apply ability points to develop each hero’s skill tree into a furry killing machine.

    Gunfire Reborn is available on June 1st day on PlayStation 4|5 through the PlayStation Store for $19.99. For more information, visit Gunfire Reborn’s official website.

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