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    Thrilling Dodge’Em Up Swordship Gets New Accolades Trailer, Huge Update + Nintendo eShop Sale

    Thunderful and Digital Kingdom are pleased to announce that the unforgiving post-apocalyptic dodge ’em up Swordship, described by Forbes as “the most stylish game of 2022”, gets a new accolades trailer featuring news of a huge update on PC and Switch. To celebrate this update, a 40% Nintendo eShop discount is available for North America, Europe, and Japan. The exhilarating and challenging title is truly one of a kind and is sure to keep you on your toes. Swordship is available for $19.99 / €19.99 / £16.99 on all platforms; it is also verified for Steam Deck.

    Introducing a whole load of new and exciting enhancements to PC and Switch, Swordship now includes a new mode, a new progression system, new upgrades and an extensive series of fixes.

    Swordship is all about adaptation to ever changing emergent situations. In arranged mode those situations will stay the same for an entire week: the run will be the same for all players in the world. All enemies, upgrades, levels, weather, obstacles, boss patterns keep their position and timing to be fully optimized. This new mode gives skilled players the chance to beat new epic high scores on the new separate leaderboard.

    For new players, the progression system has been completely redesigned to make progression more fun. The new progression tracker will now display all the cool stuff that has yet to be unlocked. The classic score based unlocks are now supported by brand new persistent objectives. Those will push you to trick your enemies in new creative ways and discover all the amazing moves you can do with your Swordship.

    Digital Kingdom want to welcome new players and have kept their beloved highly skilled players in mind with this new update, so make space for a new way of playing the game and beating some high scores.

    Swordship is set in an unforgiving post-apocalyptic world where the consequences of global warming have forced the vast majority of humanity to take refuge in three gigantic underwater cities. The megacities exchange millions of containers loaded with goods every day while those on the outside scrape what they can together in order to survive. You play as one of the small number of inhabitants prepared to steal those precious containers to deliver vital supplies to those that have been banished to the outside.

    Select from a number of Swordship variants, each with its own unique active power, offering the opportunity to experiment with a variety of approaches to overcome challenging and dangerous levels. Players can further experiment with their play style by choosing between risking it all and banking stolen containers for massive score boosts, or playing it safe for passive upgrades and extra ships.

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