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    Unleash Your Inner Demon In Slice-Of-Life Punk Rock Adventure Dead Pets Unleashed Coming In 2023

    Triple Topping, the award-winning feminist game studio behind Welcome to Elk and publisher of Ynglet, has announced that their upcoming title Dead Pets Unleashed will be released on Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5 as well as PC next year. And there will be a new extended demo available on Steam this weekend to celebrate! Turn the amp to 11, and check out the trailer for this narrative, slice of life, and management-lite game.

    Struggling punk rock band, Dead Pets, are still searching for their breakthrough after almost 10 years of gigs around New Void City. Gordy has big plans for the group, but when you turn 30, life starts to get in the way. Shape the future of the band, grow depending on the choices you make, and see where the adventure takes you in Dead Pets Unleashed’s different endings.

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    Dead Pets Unleashed is a management-lite, slice of life narrative game about music, friendship and growing up, with minigames aplenty. Play as Gordy as they go to band practice, manage their finances and wellbeing, and hopefully find time to earn enough money to cover… well, everything.

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    • Killer Soundtrack: Dead Pets Unleashed features a punk rock EP performed during the game.
    • Minigames for Days: At Triple Topping, we love minigames, and Dead Pets Unleashed is no exception. With minigames including working a shift at a diner, playing a gig, cleaning a dildo, and making hot dogs, Dead Pets Unleashed will give you quite the variety of gameplay.
    • A Demon City filled with Life: New Void City is filled with NPCs to befriend, with their own storylines separate from the main plot, spend Gordy’s free time however you see fit.
    • Success is in Your Hands: There will be multiple endings to Dead Pets Unleashed – with the success of the band determined by your choices and priorities throughout the game.
    • Cartoonish Inspirations: For fans of Bojack Horseman and Tuca and Bertie. We were inspired by their colorful, surreal worlds, long term and complicated adult friends, and zany, offbeat humor.
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