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    Ugly Will Launch Later This Year On Nintendo Switch & PC

    Graffiti Games and developer Team Ugly have revealed that Ugly, the stirring single-player puzzle platformer set in a darkly twisted fairy-tale world, is coming to Nintendo Switch. The game will launch simultaneously on Switch and PC, where it was previously announced, later this year. A new trailer for Ugly is available now, and players can get their hands on the game’s first-ever playable demo on PC during Steam Next Fest, beginning Monday, June 19th.

    Ugly‘s innovative mirror mechanic lets you create a shadowy reflection of yourself that you can swap places with to solve challenging puzzles, topple towering bosses, and explore a wicked world where nothing is as it seems. Unravel the dark secrets of a tormented nobleman’s mind as you confront the traumas of the past and piece together a tragic narrative. It’ll take logic and skill alike to survive this perilous journey of self-reflection, but beware… sometimes the truth is ugly.


    • Overcome enormous bosses and tricky puzzle rooms using an innovative mirror mechanic, delivering a satisfying mix of skill and strategy.
    • A wide range of mind-bending puzzles, most of which can be solved in a variety of ways, offering a unique experience for each player.
    • Each puzzle room provides fresh challenges and a new piece of the story. Solve them all to reveal the full picture, and unlock an alternate ending by overcoming the hidden puzzle rooms!
    • Secrets, secrets, everywhere, from hidden rooms to hints about your tragic past… Do you dare to find them all?
    • Experience a dark fairy tale brought to life with stunning art style, detailed animations, and plenty of interactable elements.

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