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    Star Wars Jedi: Survivor – Patch 6 For PC, PlayStation 5, And Xbox Series X | S Details

    The latest patch for Star Wars Jedi: Survivor for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X | S is deploying now, fixing a number of bugs and offering stability improvements. You can find the full rundown for Patch 6 below:

    • Various crash fixes across all platforms

    • Fix for bounty hunters not spawning

    • Fix for an issue where Caij would become invisible

    • Fix for occasional issue where “Find the Gorge’s Secret” Rumor could not be completed

    • Collision improvements

    • Improved blaster handling

    • Fixes for Photo Mode

    • Wind puzzle on Jedha fixed

    • Updates to the holomap map data

    • The training dummy on Jedha was sneaking around. It has now been immobilized

    • Various bug fixes & Improvements

    The team continues to work on known issues for future patches across all platforms to improve players’ experience with Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. They will continue to share the timing for future patches once they become available.

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