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    Ubisoft brings in an all new remake of Trackmania!

    At the Ubisoft Forward pre-show, Trackmania was unveiled, bringing an all-new experience from its previous version of it. Trackmania is a remake of the well-known racing game Trackmania Nations.

    The new Trackmania brings back the large varied tracks that provide easy to learn yet hard to master challenges. The variety of tracks, regular seasons, live events as well as customization options that were known in Nations is back here.

    Trackmania comes with a complete makeover with new physics and mapping innovations, like water blocks and plastic blocks. There will also many kinds of animated and dynamic items that allow players to use their creativity to build incredible tracks

    The new game mode calls Royal Mode provides challenge and fun amongst 60 players. A team of 3 will be competing against other teams in a pool of 20 randomized challenge maps which include one new map every day. Each map will be filled with animated obstacles and wild water features leading to all kinds of twists and turns.

    The new Royal mode will also provide a daily competitive feature called Super Royal, where players can compete against the best players and see if they can become the Super Royal team champion.

    There will also be an option for players to generate their own Royal party code to create a private server where friends can join in personalized matches.

    In addition, there will be an all-new Ranked Matchmaking mode, where players can link up in teams of three and take on other competitors to climb in the in-game ranking divisions.

    Furthermore, Trackmania will be hosting its most prestigious event, the Trackmania World Cup where all 16 world’s top Trackmania esport players will gather. Players and spectators can watch the show starting June 26th to 27th and July 4th.

    Trackmania is available on the Epic Games Store and the Ubisoft Store, available for free with Starter Access.

    Pricing is as follows:-

    Access Types SGD MYR PHP IDR USD
    Standard Access 13.30 31 380 99,000 7.29
    Club Access 39.90 95 1,100 309,000 21.99


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