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    Ubisoft Forward 2024 – Covering A Galaxy Far Far Away

    Ubisoft Forward 2024 just wrapped up a few hours ago and although there were a few new announcements, most of the showcase covered existing games or games that were already announced including Star War: Outlaws which took most of the show’s screen time.

    Before the live stream began, they ran a quick trailer which covered most of the game under Ubisoft which included:

    • Skull & Bones – Water Tech
    • Rocksmith
    • This Bed We Made
    • Just Dance VR
    • Monopoly
    • King of the Hats
    • Rainbow Siege Six
    • Biomorph
    • BattleCore Arena
    • For Honour
    • Assassin’s Creed Mirage iOS
    • The Division 2

    With these out of the way, the show began a live performance of a soundtrack from Star Wars: Outlaws

    Star War: Outlaws

    Surprisingly the game looks good. The gameplay trailer starts with Kay walking through a lively bar and into the alley as she enters her ship. The environment does look busy with people chatting or fist-fighting around. Once entering the ship, we can see that space combat will be a plus for any Star Wars fan.

    The game will allow you to land on the planet and use an excellent landing animation to hide the loading. The trailer shows Kay landing on Tatooine and exploring the desert with a speeder as she tracks down an old gunslinger who can teach her skills.

    After the gameplay trailer, they ran another overview trailer where the mechanics (and maybe looks like some flashback) of how Kay & Nix can work together. It also shows you how you can get news skills like the shielded Z-6 rotary blaster cannon. Conversations you have and also the choices you make will affect your reputation and how certain story element goes including a way to be wanted by the Empire.

    With the things shown so far, it looks like Star Wars: Outlaws might just be the Star Wars game the fans have been waiting for.

    XDefiant – Season One Reveal

    Next up was a short trailer of what is to come in Ubisoft’s latest free-to-play first-person shooter, XDefiant. The new season will bring a new faction, GSK from Rainbow Six Siege. GSK will introduce 2 new abilities and an ultimate which grants the user a big Riot Shield. With the start of the season also comes 3 new weapons, one new map per month (Clubhouse, Daytona & Rockefella were shown), Capture the Flag game mode and more stuff including skins and customizations. XDefiant Season One will begin on 2 July 2024.

    Skull & Bones

    Return to the seas and celebrate the Year of the Dragon with Skull & Bones. Senior Producer Neven Dravinski brings us up to speed on what is happening to the game in Season 2 – Chorus of Havoc which includes new ships, monsters, events and an all-new story quest.

    After that a preview of the upcoming Season 3 – Into the Dragon’s Wake. A new sea lord arriving will bring a new story arc into the game and also a new legendary sea monster, Flying Dragon (which actually flies but is still considered a sea monster?) and the key feature of Season 3, a new 5v5 PvP mode.

    Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown

    From the sea and to the desert, Ubisoft’s surprise hit Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown will be receiving a free content update called The Divine Trials which allows players to revisit boss fights, combat challenges and puzzles. There will also be new outfits which will be included with the update.

    The trailer ended with a tease of a new Story DLC coming to Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown named Mask of Darkness which is set to be out this September.

    The Rogue Prince of Persia

    This brand-new rogue-like game which was just recently released into Early Access will also be receiving an update called The Temple of Fire. This will bring a new biodome, weapons, and mobs into the game.

    Prince of Persia: Sands of Time

    To wrap it all up, in conjunction with celebrating the 35 Anniversary of Prince of Persia and also a love letter to all the fans, Prince of Persia: Sands of Time Remake will be arriving sometime in the year 2026.


    A short commercial for Rocksmith+ which will now be available for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 owners.

    Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora

    Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora will be receiving The Sky Breaker Story pack. It will launch as part of the game’s season pass content on 16 July. The story will see players facing the RDA as the Na’vi clans are attacked while celebrating one of their festive game events.

    The Crew Motorfest

    Rev your engines as The Crew Motorfest ends its 1st Year with Season 4 coming this July with new car customizations. Looking to the future, Year 2 Season 5 will bring players to the island of Maui. This will be coming with Season 5 for free. There will also be a return of fan favourite playlist, Made in Japan 2 and a new game mode, Chase & Takedown.

    Finally, there will be a new story content coming in November which will feature The Chase Squad.

    Anno 117: Pax Romana

    A new game was revealed and it is a new Anno entry. Anno 117: Pax Romana brings players to the much fan-requested Ancient Roman Empire. Not much has been revealed besides the theme and the game will be arriving for PlayStation 5, Xbox X|S and PC sometime next year.

    Assassin’s Creed Shadows

    After a short clip showing some of the other game updates, the show continues with a live performance of a soundtrack from Assassin’s Creed Shadows. It starts with The Samurai Yasuke riding on a horse and entering a village. In there, we see how people bow to him as he walks by and also you can pet the dog.

    The gameplay trailer further shows how players can approach situations either by ploughing through the front gates with Yasuke or sneaking around as the Shinobi Naoe. The gameplay continues with the trailer choosing to sneak around and we can see Naoe running on the rooftop, swinging and performing a takedown and then hiding in tall bushes. Iconic trademark Shinobi skills were also shown like the famous bamboo breathing underwater is used to finally take down the target.

    Post Show Deep Dives

    With Assassin’s Creed Shadows being the final show, the post-show started which gave more behind-the-scenes and deep dive into Assassin’s Creed Shadow, Star Wars: Outlaws and Division 2.

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