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    Triangle Strategy Shares New Gameplay Screenshots With More Details On The Story And Characters!

    Square Enix reveals more characters and gameplay screenshots of the upcoming Triangle Strategy, a dramatic retro tactical RPG story told in stunning HD-2D advanced pixel graphics akin to previously featured in Octopath Traveler – bringing the story to life in beautiful HD-2D. Players will be forced to make difficult choices as they navigate the war-torn land of Norzelia. Triangle Strategy is slated for a March 4th, 2022 release on Nintendo Switch.


    The Saltiron War ends, and the Consortium begins

    In the land of Norzelia, the Holy State of Hyzante controls the realm’s supply of salt. The snowswept Grand Duchy of Aesfrost, its veins of iron. And between the two lies the Kingdom of Glenbrook, a land of verdant forests and rivers.

    These nations waged what came to be known as the Saltiron War. At battle’s end, the nations reflected upon the war’s catalyst and founded the Norzelia Consortium. This neutral organization ensured the fair trade of salt and iron, which helped rebuild the battered land. However, the Holy State’s steep salt taxes are almost too much for the Duchy of Aesfrost to
    bear. Fearing another war, the kingdom of Glenbrook aimed to ease the tensions borne of the trade imbalance and proposed a joint mining venture.

    A ceremony and a tourney

    Three decades have passed since the Saltiron War. Ground has been broken in the Grand Norzelian Mines, a symbol of the realm’s newfound peace. The king of Glenbrook invites dignitaries from Aesfrost and Hyzante to celebrate the occasion with a ceremony and tourney.

    Serenoa, who has inherited the mantle of lord from his father, Symon, faces his
    first task as a ruler: to showcase the name and power of the new Lord of House Wolffort.


    King of Glenbrook
    Regna Glenbrook (Voice: Kento Fujinuma/Daniel Riordan)
    The current king of Glenbrook and Roland’s father. He is revered as the wise king who brought the Saltiron War to its end. He launched the joint mining venture between the three nations as its coordinator.

    Crown Prince of Glenbrook
    Frani Glenbrook (Voice: Takumi Saeki/Taylor Clarke-Hill)
    The crown prince and eldest son of Regna, he studies the art of kingship at his father’s side and manages the Royalists. He is well-liked throughout the kingdom and often finds himself at odds with his younger brother, Roland, due to their differing personalities.

    Princess of Glenbrook
    Cordelia Glenbrook (Voice: Reina Ueda/Rosie Day)
    The third child and only daughter of King Regna, who brought the Saltiron War to its end. She is a young princess with a graceful air about her and prefers her kindhearted brother
    Roland over the high-strung Frani.

    Kingdom of Glenbrook, Master of Arms
    Maxwell Trier (Voice: Takehito Koyasu/Demetri Goritsas)
    The strongest warrior of Glenbrook, also known as the Dawnspear. He was appointed the kingdom’s Master of Arms by Regna who recognized his skills in combat. He trains Prince Roland and cares for his apprentice as if he were his own son.

    Kingdom of Glenbrook, Minister
    Patriatte Konsar (Voice: Yoshikazu Nagano/Joseph Balderrama)
    A nobleman whose name has long been known throughout Glenbrook. He leads the Royalists, a faction that supports the royal family, and dutifully tends to the kingdom’s political matters as minister. His work as a coordinator for various powerful people has
    made him both well-connected and a master of negotiation.

    General of the Aesfrosti Army
    Avlora (Voice: Takako Honda/Ashleigh Haddad)
    A woman orphaned by war. She toiled to earn the rank of general and is known as the strongest in Aesfrost, her skills acknowledged by even the archduke himself. She faces off against Ser Maxwell the Dawnspear at the tourney in Glenbrook.

    Saintly Seven Minister
    Sorsley Ende (Voice: Daichi Hayashi/Joplin Sibtain)
    The Saintly Seven’s Minister of Salt. He manages all things related to the Source, from which the Holy State’s wealth springs.

    Holy State of Hyzante, Attendant to House Ende
    Booker Peynorth (Voice: Shinobu Matsumoto/Gavin Hammon)
    Sorsley Ende’s most trusted retainer. As such, his duties are many.

    Choices and Companions

    The player will face many difficult choices in war-torn Norzelia. Making value judgments and decisions based on the ideals of Utility, Morality, and Liberty will determine your Conviction. Meaningful choices exist everywhere, even while exploring peaceful locales. Small decisions can have a wide-reaching impact down the line. This unseen parameter will affect how the story branches, and which companions join your party. Who you ally with will greatly affect your strategy in battle.

    Kingdom of Glenbrook, House Wolffort Clerk
    Julio Wrightman (Voice: Wataru Komada/Damien Haas)
    Formerly an assistant to one of Glenbrook’s ministers. He finds himself unable to return to the capital after confronting. Patriatte about his corrupt dealings. Has the ability to control the tide of battle by granting TP to allies or taking them from enemies.

    Holy State of Hyzante, Aspiring Apothecary
    Medina Alliam (Voice: Shiori Mikami/Meaghan Martin)
    A young woman whose only desire is to help others. She studies diligently at the Ministry of Medicine every day that she may aid the sick and injured who enter its halls. After finding herself at odds with the Order of Things, she eventually leaves Hyzante. Medina is skilled with poison and other tools. Her items reach further than those of her allies and she can use up to two of them in a single turn with Double Items.

    Ezana Q’linka (Voice: Risa Shimizu/Christina Vee)
    A woman descended from a long line of shamans with the ability to change the weather. She wanders the land in search of people who might need her powers, that she may provide them succor. During her travels, Ezana stops to bring rain to a drought-stricken land. Ezana can summon rain to extinguish fires, electrify puddles to paralyze those standing within their waters, and more.

    Project TRIANGLE STRATEGY Debut Demo Available Now!
    You can now play a demo of Chapters 6 and 7, where players will experience tactical combat that requires strategy and careful use of the battlefield to survive—and see their convictions change the course of the adventure.

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