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    Four Original Mini-Games Makes Its Way To The Battle Cats Unite!

    BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Asia will be bringing four original mini-games to The Battle Cats Unite!. Watch out for the surprise appearance of mini-game challenges as you progress through the main game! Collect rewards based on your score earned upon clearing the challenge. Enjoy this change of pace in between battles by teaming up with your friends.


    In this game, you aim for a high score by hitting as many enemy characters as possible as they pop out of their holes. Player 2 can control a cannon that can paralyze enemy characters for a certain period of time! If you hit an enemy character with your cannon, your score will be doubled!

    Sniper the Cat Alley

    Aim for a high score by destroying as many enemy characters as possible with your launcher in this mini-game. Be careful, the time limit will be reduced if the player’s territory is attacked!

    Li’l Cat Catcher

    Catch as many falling kittens as you can in this mini-game to rack up the high score. Be careful though, a dumbbell or two may also fall with the kittens and if you catch one, you’ll be briefly stunned. So dodge well!

    Meow Meow Relay

    As how a relay goes, you control a running cat and try to collect as many medals as possible by avoiding obstacles to obtain the highest score. If you hit an obstacle or an enemy character, you’ll be immobilized for a certain amount of time, so be careful!

    The Battle Cats Unite! will be released on 9 December 2021, and will allow up to two players to play together or against each other on the Nintendo Switch. Anyone, young or old, can enjoy the easy and simple battle system, with more than 350 freaky cute kittens, and a variety of stages to conquer!

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