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    ‘Tower of God: New World’ Gets New Update, Featuring New SSR [Red Snake] Shilial, And Story Expansions

    Tower of God: New World’s latest update introduces players to a new character, SSR [Red Snake] Shilial, alongside expansions in both the main and side storylines. In addition, the update features a series of limited-time events designed to enhance the gaming experience.

    SSR [Red Snake] Shilial, a mage of the Green element and a member of the Anima class, is a Zahard Princess from the Lo Po Bia Family. Known for her association with her twin Lilial, Shilial brings to the battlefield her specialty in ACC, EVA, and AoE attacks, wielding the formidable Black Snakefish.

    The update unfolds new chapters in the main storyline with Act 7-2 [Eye of a Needle: The Shinsu Contest] and Act 7-3 [Eye of a Needle: Same Goal, Different Purpose], exploring the 20th floor’s residential area and the narrative of Wangnan Ja. Additionally, a new side story titled “A Day in the Life of a Princess” offers players a glimpse into Shilial’s secretive past, featuring appearances from characters like Ren, Endorsi, and Yihwa Yeon.

    Among the limited-time events introduced is “The Tower of Alliances Event,” where players’ alliances are pitted against each other in a strategic battle to conquer the opposing alliance’s tower.

    Rewards such as Alliance Coin and Suspendium are up for grabs for the victorious alliance. The “Shilial Release Celebration Check-in” and “Shilial’s Growth Mission” offer players the chance to earn special summon tickets, Suspendium, and exclusive equipment enhance items, among other rewards.

    Additionally, “Shibisu’s Strategy Lesson” encourages player engagement by offering Formation Tokens exchangeable for valuable in-game assets, including SSR characters.

    “Tower of God: New World” invites players into the mystifying realms of the Tower, where they can embark on adventures with over 90 characters, including the Twenty-Fifth Bam. The game, praised for its 3D animation and dynamic battle mechanics, is accessible on Google Play, the App Store, and via Google Play Games Beta for PC enthusiasts.


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