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    Netmarble’s Solo Levelling: Arise Adds Contents, Events And Original Character Healer Hunter Meilin Fisher

    Netmarble, a leading developer and publisher of high-quality mobile games, has launched new content and updates for Solo Leveling: ARISE.

    The latest game update features a new original hunter Meilin Fisher, as well as brand-new content and events.

    About Meilin

    Players can add Meilin Fisher to the roster of playable hunters. Meilin is a water-type SSR healer who is known for her skill to manipulate water and summon Berry, her guardian spirit. Meilin’s Ultimate Skill ‘Big Meow’ grants buffs that increase allies’ Critical Hit Rate and Core Attack Damage while lowering the rate of damage taken.

    Her Exclusive Weapon SSR ‘Hook, Line, and Sinker’ increases Power Gauge Acquisition Rate and lowers Ultimate Skill cooldowns.

    About the new update

    The new update also features the Workshop of Brilliant Light, a challenge-type raid where various strategies are required to overcome powerful bosses and monsters to clear the dungeon.

    Players will encounter Avaricious Vulcan and the Gatekeeper of Hell Cerberus at the Lower Floors of the Demons’ Castle as part of this update.

    The Workshop of Brilliant Light consists of main and side stages, with options to choose either Player or Hunter modes.

    While side stages are optional, players are recommended to complete the side stages to receive ‘Blessing of Brilliant Light,’ a buff that aids players to conquer the main stage.

    Clear the main stage at Workshop of Brilliant Light and earn higher-level Artifacts, including Burning Curse, Burning Greed and Burning Blessing.

    In addition, players can experience original stories of Meilin Fisher and Seo Jiwoo at the Hunter Archive. The update also brings news skins for Meilin Fisher (Lovely Magician) and Lee Joohee (Sweet as Honey), and introduces the new Shadow ‘Tusk’.

    Players can now receive rewards according to Sung Jinwoo’s achievement level.

    New Events

    Solo Leveling: ARISE has prepared multiple limited-time events to celebrate this new update. Players can participate in the following events through July 10 and obtain valuable rewards:

    • May’s Salvage Project! Salvage Artifacts: Mana Power Imbued Fragment will be given to the players who salvage Artifacts that have reached Enhancement +1 or higher. These fragments can be exchanged for various growth materials at the Artifact Material Exchange Shop.
    • Meilin Fisher Rate Up Celebration! Special Dice: Players will receive Dice Vent Tickets upon clearing certain missions. By rolling the dice via the Special Dice event, players can obtain various gifts including SSR ‘Hook, Line, and Sinker,’ [Event] Meilin Fisher’s Weapon Design, Rate Up Draw Ticket and more.
    • Meilin Fisher Growth Tournament: Complete missions to earn points and rewards. SSR ‘Hook, Line and Sinker’ and various growth materials such as Hunter Exclusive Weapon Design, Weapon Enhancement Gear II, Skill Scrolls III, and more.

    About the Game

    Solo Leveling: ARISE is an action game adaptation of Solo Leveling, based on the hit Webtoon. Taking on the role of Jinwoo, players can experience his level-ups and progress through the beloved webtoon tale firsthand, taking on dynamic battles and creating their own combat styles, relying on various combinations of skills and weapons.

    Not only can players team up with hunters from the Webtoon, they can summon their own “Army of Shadows” just like Jinwoo did when he first uttered the famous line “Arise!” in the Webtoon.

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