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    ‘Dungeon Drafters’ Casts Its Way To Nintendo Switch, PlayStation & Xbox On March 14th, 2024

    Publisher DANGEN Entertainment and developer Manalith Studios announced that Dungeon Drafters will be released on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox digital stores on March 14th, 2024.

    The console release is set to include all content updates since the game’s initial release on PC, making it the best version yet. Pre-orders for Nintendo Switch are available now.

    About The Game

    Dungeon Drafters is a mystery dungeon adventure with roguelite elements where players unleash the magical power of cards. In Dungeon Drafters, cards serve as the player’s arsenal, allowing them to weave powerful spells and devise devastating combos in exciting tile-based combat.

    Whether they split the ground open with earthquakes, hurl white-hot fireballs, or summon powerful allies to eliminate foes, Dungeon Drafters’ combat offers a wide range of combat approaches that will tickle the fancy of any deck builder fan.

    Players start by choosing from six distinct characters – Mage, Brawler, Monk, Bard, Shinobi, and Explorer – each offering a signature starting deck that guides their initial playstyle. Regardless of the initial decision, players have the freedom to branch out and create any deck they desire while customizing their character.

    To achieve victory, players must dungeon crawl their way through any of the six unique dungeons in the world, learning the tricks of each area’s monsters, making adjustments to their decks, and seeking specific cards to overcome challenges.

    As players explore dungeons, they’ll face the choice of either diving deeper into the unknown or returning to the Adventurers’ Town to secure their spoils. Be careful, as diving too deep may result in losing precious loot.

    The game offers an immersive experience in the Adventurers’ Town, where players can prepare for their next adventure. Activities include acquiring more cards, unlocking new ones by opening boosters, interacting with NPCs to initiate challenging quests, or simply taking time for activities like fishing.

    With 300 different cards of different archetypes – Traveler, Raider, Stranger, Oracle, and Warden – Dungeon Drafters offers a unique deck-building experience for any kind of player.

    Whether a power gamer seeking the strongest cards and most overpowered combos, a lab scientist experimenting with novel, audacious combinations, or a completionist aiming to 100% their card collection, players will find something to love with Dungeon Drafters’ deck-building system.

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