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    Tower of Fantasy Is Coming To PlayStation On August 8th

    Immersive open-world RPG Tower of Fantasy is set to land on the PlayStation platform on August 8, 2023 (UTC+0), published independently by Perfect World Games. Pre-orders for the game are now available on website.

    As a top-tier title in the open-world genre, Tower of Fantasy made its debut last year in the global mobile and PC markets, garnering an active player base of tens of millions. It has received accolades such as Best for Tablets on Google Play and a nomination for the Best Mobile Game at The Game Awards.

    Explore a vast open world in stunning 4K resolution on PS5

    Tower of Fantasy boasts an expansive open world, with each map having its own unique style. In the cyberpunk metropolis, neon lights flicker in the Mirroria while diving into the Grand Sea reveals ever-changing scenes from the shallow to the deep waters. In the upcoming world Domain 9, there is a misty and ethereal atmosphere enveloping the surroundings.

    With the added benefits of 4K ultra-high resolution graphics and visual effects on PlayStation, along with a high frame rate of 120FPS, players can truly experience the allure of Tower of Fantasy’s open world.

    Additionally, Tower of Fantasy supports DualSense Wireless Controller haptic feedback. In intense, thrilling battles, the controller’s vibrations help you accurately assess the current combat environment, whether it’s hitting enemies, taking damage yourself, or experiencing significant blood loss during critical moments. Outside of combat, well-timed vibrations during key story moments create an immersive and emotionally charged experience. When racing through scenes, the controller’s vibrations accompany the impact of intense collisions, making it feel as if the controller itself is a steering wheel, pulling you into the excitement of high-speed racing.

    Exclusive Bonuses and Pre-order Packages

    Tower of Fantasy is now available for pre-order on website. By purchasing the Deluxe Edition and Ultimate Editions, players will gain access to the game 48 hours in advance and receive exclusive PlayStation outfits and skins for their jetpack and race car. Find all the detailed information below regarding the contents included in each edition and the pre-order bonuses.

    The Upcoming Domain 9

    Tower of Fantasy is about to receive a major update, adding the enchanting Eastern realm of Domain 9. After the release on PlayStation, wanderers can enjoy this enigmatic world that embodies Eastern aesthetics.

    Let’s take a look at the new character Liu Huo. Her appearance is heavily influenced by Eastern elements. She wears a silk garment with embroidered golden patterns on the collar. Her weapon of choice is a giant brush called “Pine Comet”, perfectly reflecting her elegant taste. Her combat movements combine the characteristics of Chinese calligraphy and martial arts, infused with an ink painting style. The vibrant blue and orange flames add visual effects, showcasing different levels of intensity with brushstroke-like variations.

    More Game Features

    In Tower of Fantasy, you play as a Wanderer and immerse yourself into an open-world adventure.

    Customize your character to make them uniquely your own, and establish deep bonds with Simulacra who offer powerful support. Each of them has a fascinating story waiting to be discovered.

    Embark on solo adventures or team up with other Wanderers to explore diverse areas, and choose from over 30 weapons to engage in highly immersive, real-time combat. Uncover the hidden truths from a veil of conspiracy within the Tower of Fantasy.

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