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    Action-Adventure Roguelite Spells And Secrets Demo Available At Steam Next Fest

    Publisher rokaplay, in partnership with Alchemist Interactive, has released an all-new demo for their upcoming fantasy action-adventure game Spells and Secrets as part of Steam Next Fest running from June 19th – June 26th. Get a sneak peak at the kinds of magical mayhem you can get up to ahead of Spells & Secrets’ launch later this year on PC, Switch, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series consoles.

    Spells & Secrets puts players in the role of a first-year student of the magic arts. Upon arriving at the Academy of Greifenstein, a strange incident has thrown the school into turmoil. You’ll have to use your spells creatively to fight off magical creatures, explore the school grounds and uncover the castle’s secrets to reveal the mystery surrounding it.

    In Spells & Secrets you can make every spell work on every target: from the first enemy to the final boss and even environmental objects. It’s up to you to cleverly combine your spells and knowledge to gain the upper hand.

    Spells & Secrets features an array of procedural elements, ensuring that no two playthroughs are ever alike. You needn’t venture through Greifenstein alone though, as the entirety of Spells & Secrets supports local two-player co-op. Customize your own student wizard, solve mysteries and find powerful artifacts in this modern magical world.

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