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    Torchlight: Infinite Reveals New Hero, Erika, Ahead Of New Season Launch

    With Torchlight: Infinite gearing up for its first major update of 2023, XD Games have debuted the dungeon crawler’s exciting new hero, Erika. She will join the game’s current roster of playable characters when the Blacksail season goes live on January 12th, 2023. Not only that, XD is introducing two new Hero Traits for Rehan and Moto, allowing for even more creative playstyle possibilities. Those who pre-register ahead of Torchlight: Infinite’s second season can automatically earn a bundle of in-game rewards (details below).

    During this new season, Hunters will embark upon a swashbuckling quest into the endless Sea of Void. There’s plenty lurking in these deadly waters, including Torchlight: Infitie’s biggest challenge yet: the imposing king of the pirates, the Lord of the Void Sea.

    Action RPG fans will find plenty to look forward to as the Blacksail season unfurls with a bounty of new content and features to explore. There will be more ways than even to customise and hone your character builds with the addition of new gear to loot and the Hero Relic item loadout slot.

    Here is a closer look at some of the newly-revealed Blacksail highlights coming to Torchlight: Infinite later this month.

    New Hero: Cateye Erika

    • Erika is a Stalker, hailing from the Ichi Tribe. Equipped with dual blades, her first Hero Trait is called “Wind Stalker” which specialises in rapid movement, allowing her to swiftly weave between enemies before delivering a devastating killing blow.

    New Hero Trait: Raging Phantom (Rehan)

    • Get ready to inflict some serious damage. Rehan is the first to gain a brand new Hero Trait. “Raging Phantom” allows the battle-hardened berserker to become one with an Ancestor Spirit who will automatically attack enemies with Rehan’s main skills and annihilate his enemies.

    New Hero Trait: Charge Calling (Moto)

    • Another new Hero Trait coming in the next season is Moto’s “Charge Calling”. Flanked by his platoon of Synthetic Troops, the ingenious commander can now activate their self-destruct protocol to deadly effect, ordering his robotic minions to rush into enemy mobs only to explode seconds later.

    Community Event: First Down

    XD have also announced a new community event that will pit streamers against each other as they attempt to reach Timemark 6, and defeat the Traveller boss as fast as possible. This is an interactive contest in which streamers’ supporters will be the ones winning rewards based on the rank of the streamer they choose to back during this contest. To support a streamer, participants just need to enter their dedicated code in Torchlight Infinite’s redeem menu page. All streamers’ supporters will then directly receive 50 Primocrysts as a welcome gift. At the end of the event, all valid participants will win rewards based on their chosen streamer’s final placement.
    Those excited for the new season can pre-register here for some in-game goodies. This bundle includes the following:

    • Insight Crystal x1
    • Shattered Primordial x200
    • Oblivion Waters x20
    • Resurrection Token x20
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