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    New Season Preview – Torchlight: Infinite Twinightmare Launches December 28

    Just in time for the holidays, Torchlight: Infinite is bringing you the perfect gift: a brand-new season. That’s right, XD Games’ genre-defining dungeon-crawler will launch their new season, Twinightmare, on December 28th for players around the world to enjoy this festive season. Headlined by its tenth playable hero, Rosa, the newest also includes a host of challenges, quality-of-life improvements, limited-time festive events, and much more.

    New Hero

    Leading the charge is Torchlight’s newest hero, Rosa the High Court Chariot. Unlocked by purchasing the Twinightmare Season Pass, she makes for a formidable Hunter with high defensive capabilities, allowing her to survive even the toughest onslaught. When Rosa unleashes her Holy Domain Skill, she will transform into an unstoppable chariot, blazing a path through enemy hordes and afflicting them with a powerful curse.

    For our other heroes, four new Skills will also be making their way to Torchlight: Infinite this season including Whirlwind Blade, Lightning Beam, Star Stalker, and Harmonious Field, creating even more ways to customize Hunters as you explore powerful new builds.


    Throughout Twinightmare, players will be plunged into the realm of dreams as they explore this season’s new gameplay. Dream Lotuses can be found scattered throughout each map in Torchlight: Infinite and by interacting with them, Hunters have a chance to unleash Good Dreams. These will spawn Dream Monsters that, when defeated, will drop rewards but there’s a perilous twist!

    Each time Hunters enter a Good Dream in search of prizes, they risk being ambushed by a Nightmare attack – the more loot players accumulate in a Good Dream, the more challenging the Nightmare will be, creating a daring risk/reward dynamic. Only those who overcome and escape the Nightmare will obtain this season’s ultimate rewards. To help players with this endeavor, a new Season Talent Panel can be upgraded throughout Twinightmare to improve your chances.

    Optimized Features

    Meanwhile, XD Games is continuing to improve the core Torchlight: Infinite experience with a slew of optimizations and quality-of-life changes. These are aimed at new and experienced players alike, giving the Help Manual a welcome overhaul while also introducing a smoother looting UX and easier ways to quickly share character builds with other players.

    Alongside the new season, XD Games is bringing festive cheer with an all-new Winter Festival. During the celebrations players can head to Torchlight Hideout, which will be covered in Ice and snow, creating the perfect festive vibe. During the limited-time Winter Festival Event, Hunters can obtain the exclusive drop – Snowflake – and use it to exchange rewards including Exclusive Legendary Gear and Avatars, etc.

    The fun doesn’t stop there. 2024’s first event will be an incredible Spring Festival, which coincides with the Lunar New Year. The event will include time-limited tasks, and players can obtain lanterns when they complete challenges such as passing the Netherrealm stage or defeating a designated Boss. After accumulating a certain number of lanterns, they can exchange them for high-value rewards, including Jagged Primocryst, Appearance Crystals, and a New Year Limited avatar. During the New Year, a new outfit Dancing Red Dragon will be added to an exclusive Gacha Event.

    Twinightmare will officially go live on December 28 at 18:00 PST. You can find out more about Torchlight: Infinite by checking out the game’s Steam, iOS, and Android pages.

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