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    Trials of Mana – New Trailers for ‘Character Prologue Digest: Charlotte, Angela and Kevin’

    After the introduction of Duran, One of six characters in the 3D remake game Trials of Mana. Square Enix adds more Character trailers (prologue) for half-elf Charlotte, Princess Angela, and half-beast Kevin.

    Having both parents succumb to illness, Charlotte is looked after by cleric Heath. However, things go wrong when a Deathjester appears to kidnap Heath. Charlotte then decides to do her best to rescue Heath.


    Angela hails from the ice-covered Kingdom of Sorcery, Althena and daughter of Valda, Queen of Reason who uses her magic to keep Althena from freezing. However, when mana of the world starts to fade, Valda has no choice but to invade other nations for Mana Stones and sacrifice her daughter as a means to unlock the power of Mana. Learning of this, Angela escapes into a cold wilderness and soon decides to travel, seeking out a Priest of Light guidance in learning magic.



    Kevin, on the other hand, belongs to the Kingdom of Beastmen and the son of the King of the beastmen. Being a half-blood is not easy for Kevin as he could not fit into the society and wanders into Moonlight Forest with his wolf pup Karl. Deathjester then appeared and magically influenced Karl to attack Kevin, which in return forced Kevin to turn into a werewolf form, killing Karl in the process. Thus, Kevin is set out to Wendel to revive his friend Karl.

    Key Gameplay Features:

    • Improved Graphics
      The beauty of the world of Mana in full 3D graphics! See the original scenes transformed!
    • Revamped Battle System
      Characters can now jump, dodge, and fight with combo attacks in modern action RPG style!
    • Soundtrack Arrangement
      All 60 tracks from the game have been rearranged under the supervision of Hiroki Kikuta, the original composer. Players can also switch to the classic versions of the songs.
    • Character Voices
      A cast of talented voice over artists for your favourite characters! Different party members trigger different conversations during your adventure.

    The remake is coming to you soon on April 24, 2020, for Switch, PlayStation 4 and PC.
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