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    Unimaginable cuteness in STRIKE FORCE KITTY, costume platformer for the Switch !

    The developers over at Deqaf Studio together with publisher No Gravity Games has announced the release of STRIKE FORCE KITTY for the Nintendo Switch.


    Cuteness overload in one game

    STRIKE FORCE KITTY has been the eye-catcher for platformer lovers. Featuring a set of super cute cats that players are able to control and have them dressed up from top to bottom, they are in charge to rescue the adorable princess that has been kidnapped from her castle. Cute cat heroes? adorable princess cat? i mean, how much cuter can a game get??

    Power your kitties up by pumping them up at the gym, raising different attributes depending on which kitty is needed in a specific situation. Are they hungry? make sure you feed them well! A hungry kitty won’t do you good. Pick out more than 350 costumes for them and see which costume’s superpower fits your kitty. These superpowers allow your cats to explore other parts of a level and reach ever so closer to saving the princess. Boss fights also prove as formidable foes for your kitties! So gear up, eat up and work out to be the best kitties out there!

    Key game features below:-

    • All about cute cats!
    • Funny and easy to play!
    • Over 350 costumes for your kittens!
    • A sweet-looking platformer with RPG features!
    • Over 30 artifacts! Customize your kittens with super costumes!
    • Big bosses galore!
    • Navigate levels while searching for the ideal path!
    • Over 100 team combinations with special skills!
    • Unique art, music, and animations with endless hours of fun!
    • Available in 13 languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Traditional Chinese, Korean, Turkish, Polish, Romanian, Ukrainian, and Hungarian.

    STRIKE FORCE KITTY will be available for the Nintendo Switch on 29th November. Players can pre-purchase the game here, on the official Nintendo eShop.

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