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    Three Interesting Indies – SANABI, Tinker & Spell And Everblade

    My fascination with 2D platformers never ceases. As I was strolling through the Indie circle this week, I came across not one, not two, but three titles that were attractive, fluid, or just had neon swinging action. A few of my picks of interesting independent titles to check out, boy, what a treat!


    Developer WONDER POTION and publisher NEOWIZ swings in and shows off a prologue demo trailer of SANABI and yes, you can try it out now via a demo version on Steam PC. SANABI is slated in Q3 2022 release.

    Source: NEOWIZ West

    Like all stylish dystopian action-platformer, this starts off as a retired legendary veteran – zipping and swinging hooks through bullets, cliffs, enemy, and skyscrapers with a prosthetic chain-hook arm. Uncover corporate secrets hidden deep within the city drenched with Neon and corruption with your trustee sidekick Mari, a hacker and drone rider who can open locked doors, reveal enemy weaknesses and uncover encrypted information.

    Tinker & Spell

    This 2D platformer by Golden Age Studios portrays hand-drawn fluidity action as well as capturing elemental spirits to add to your arsenal. As Tinker, a cybernetically enhanced mountain lion into a journey of self-discovery in a land where machines are forbidden. Fight, capture and build a number of elemental abilities to add to your arsenal. Tinker & Spell is slated to release in 2023.

    Source: Golden Age Studios

    Take part in hack-and-slash combat, gain skill points, level up your stats, capture elemental spirits, and use them to improve your combat abilities, or to advance in the world.


    Jump, fight, climb, and fly through worlds full of hazards and puzzles developed by Elion Games. Develop new skills and devastating attacks to fight the hordes of evil and discover hidden treasures. Everblade is coming to PC on May 7th, 2022.

    Source: Elion Games

    Details as shared on Steam

    Fight fearsome abominations on your quest.
    With over a dozen distinct boss fights with 40+ enemy types. Learn new skills, unleash ancient spells, and grow as a hero.

    3 special attacks for your magical blade
    4 magical techniques to conquer your enemies
    5 character abilities to customize your hero
    8 items and equipable relicts for extra power

    Diverse worlds full of challenges.
    10 intricate levels packed with hazards, enemies, and hidden treasure

    9 hidden bonus stages full of treasure
    40+ unique music tracks

    Solve tricky challenges to progress and gain treasure.
    Each level has its own unique set of puzzles to challenge your senses and dexterity.

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