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    Kirby and the Forgotten Land Demo Impressions – Enjoy This Casually

    You and I may need a small vacation on the side from Elden Ring/Dark Souls-like games recently. Well, Kirby and the Forgotten Land is the getaway you need; the demo is out now on Nintendo Switch. Kirby and the Forgotten Land is slated for release on March 25th, 2022 on Nintendo Switch.

    As I was playing the demo, while without a dodging button – I felt really powerful by just vacuuming foes with my mouth and turning into them; using their weapons against their own. While the transformation ability has durability factors, like a health bar, it also has a tank-like resilience – which means it’s mine for a lifetime.

    I can remove the transformation ability at a press of a button at any moment and it will pop on the side as a bubble so I can use it again for convenience. Or I could simply vacuum enemies and shoot them as bullet stars at my enemies, and I laughed and smirked as I felt like the boss of this cute vibrant flowery world even on the hardest difficulty setting (Wild Mode).

    The world is your mouthful buffet

    Oh no, Kirby is transported into another world, and his friends are being captured for unknown devious reasons. There is no need to fear, for Kirby is on an all-you-can-eat buffet spree as he inhales his animal enemies – in order to save his animal friends, the Waddle Dees.

    My fulfilling experience as Kirby is that the enemies aren’t the only meal options out there with a bigger alternative such as Cars, giant cones, and even vending machines are up for grabs. Wanna ram through foes without insurance with reckless driving? Turn into a car or jump and pierce through foes and environment as a giant cone. While my current favourite is turning into a vending machine, it felt oddly ecstatic to shoot an unlimited supply of soda at my enemy’s faces- quenches their thirst as they die with my Oprah Winfrey impression antics. As enemies die or by interacting with the environment, there are coins and collectibles to be picked up for unknown reasons but the sounds of picking stuff up such as this do perk me up. Yes, the sounds and music in this game have that perky atmosphere with a tinge sense of adventure that may appeal to many generations’ ears.

    The wobbly running animation of Kirby plus with his happy-go-lucky attitude is strangely addictive to watch especially when he jumps and inhales the air as a hovering mechanic; he wobbles through the air like a struggling balloon. My first boss battle involves fighting buffed-up King Kong that goes to the gym but keeps missing his leg day that gives me chuckles and it was pure fun as I inhale his star popping attacks used as bullets.

    Overall, it was the adventure I needed to give me that sense of Mario-like lighthearted joy adventure for that casual fun.

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