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    The Hong Kong Massacre release trailer

    Coming from Indie Developer VRESKI, The Hong Kong Massacre is their first game and looks to combine the best parts of Hotline Miami and Max Payne into one glorious badass package.


    A bullet storm in the streets of Hong Kong

    Like a scene in Hong Kong movie, play as a former detective hell-bent on revenge after his partner’s murder with a lot of firepower, slow-mo dodging and tearing through the walls of the very criminals you face. Environment plays a vital role in surviving each level. Beware though as your abilities do have limits so every step has to be taken carefully.
    Each run comes with it’s own levels featuring a different range of challenges and surprises, with new weapons to unlock from downtown restaurants all the way to rooftops.


    Dodging bullet your way into PlayStation 4 on January 22, 2019.

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