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    Wandersong adding PS4 to the musical journey

    Published and Developed by Greg Lobanov, Wandersong a musical adventure has been announced for the PlayStation 4. This game was first released in PC and Switch on September 2018.

    Sing the song that will save the world

    Play as a Bard embarking onto a journey to learn about a mysterious Earthsong in order to prevent the universe’s end while solving puzzles and making new friends.

    Key Features:

    • Running time of 10-12 hours gameplay
    • Singing will interact with the world
    • 150 NPC’s to meet and annoy with your singing
    • Dancing button included, try it
    • Accessible for Deaf and Blind Players


    Wandersong will be singing its tunes on January 22, 2019, via PlayStation Store for $19.99 (equivalent to 80.20 MYR)


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