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    The Elder Scroll Online: Necrom – A Darker World Of Tamriel

    Zenimax Online Studios has released more information regarding its upcoming new content The Elder Scroll Online: Necrom. This latest chapter will introduce new features like the new class Arcanist and the new trail called Sanity’s Edge.

    Welcome to the Darker side of Tamriel

    As shared by the developers, the story will involve players being drafted by Leramil, an agent of Hermaeus Mora, to help stop a conspiracy against the Prince of Fate. The story will unfold across Telvanno Peninsula.

    Involving Vaermina (The Dark Lady) and Peryite (The Lord of Pestilence) as the main antagonists, these villains are looking for a way to block Hermaeus Mora’s sight. According to Rich Lambert, Creative Director at ZeniMax Online Studios, their story will end on a cliffhanger, leading into the next major chapter of The Elder Scrolls Online‘s unfolding tale.

    Players, on the other hand, can receive help from a range of companions on the journey which includes

    • Leramil the Wise – A High Elf female who is a Mortal Agent of Hermaeus Mora.
    • Meln the Mouthless – A Dunmer male, who is a deceased Telvanni magister.
    • Scruut – A Watchling which has an eye with tentacles. He is a devoted servant of Hermaeus Mora.
    • Curate Gadayn – A Dark Elf male who is a novice of Necrom Necropolis.
    • Hermaeus Mora – The Daedric Prince who is the Patron of Forbidden Knowledge and Master of Fate.

    Challenge the New Trails: Sanity’s Edge

    Added to The Elder Scrolls Online: Necrom expansion is the new trail called Sanity’s Edge. The trial will have a similar size and scope to Rockgrove or Dreadsail Reef. Here is a brief description of the trial:

    Enter the mind of a powerful member of the Mages Guild, where a war for control rages on the field of Dreams and Nightmares between the mage’s own consciousness and an agent of Vaermina.

    This trial will feature some new mechanics which will test players and make Sanity’ Edge feel different from the other trails.

    Brand New Class – Arcanist

    The Elder Scrolls Online: Necrom will also be introducing a brand new playable class since the Elsweyr expansion, The Arcanist.

    The class is inspired by Hermaeus Mora and the forbidden knowledge. It is one of the classes which has a darker cosmic horror vibe to it which shares the same as the Zone and story. The visuals are amazing with colour choices and unique sound design.

    There will be three Arcanist Skill Lines which are Herald of the Tome (Damage), Soldier of Apocrypha (Tank) and Curative Runeforms (Healing). Gameplay for the Arcanist is centred around the crux (combo points) which players can use to increase the efficiency of an ability whether be it healing or damage.

    PTS and Official Launch

    The Elder Scrolls Online: Necrom will be having a Public Test Server starting 17 April 2023 where you can get to try all the new features from the upcoming expansion.

    The expansion pack for the game will officially go live on 5 June 2023 for PC and Mac while PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S will get the expansion a little late on 20 June 2023.


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