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    The brand new Kraken DLC update is now available for free to all owners of The Falconeer!

    Publisher Wired Productions and developer Tomas Sala recently made a huge update for The Falconeer. Promising new areas, locations, missions, and tutorials. The game is available on Xbox Series, Xbox One, and PC.

    Update details as provided by Wired Productions website

    The Wreck Divers of Batis are renowned for their prowess in recovering relics from the depths of the Ursee, something the Mancer order exploit handily.
    But recent rumors of ancient monstrosities roaming the depths have led them to approach willing Falconeers to assist them in their tasks. Meanwhile, the cartographers guild in Cartohom is using fresh blood Falconeers to explore the unknown and map out the Great Ursee.
    Help escort wreck divers to their diving stations, and protect them from interlopers as they raise treasure from the watery depths, be that from pirates or much older DEADLIER entities – or help to discover all the secrets that the Great Ursee hides within.

    There are ample new ways to make a profit and splinters in this new update – but as always, it comes at a risk…

    You can find a list of the new missions, locations, and general patch notes below :

    • New wreck-diver company location: Batis
    • New cartographers guild location: Cartohom
    • Exploration missions: Given out at Cartohom, find and discover locations in the world for splinters.
    • Wreck diving missions: Given out at Batis, be the eyes in the sky for wreck diving operations. See the depths of the Great Ursee first hand as wreck-divers scour the floor for relics, with a chance to encounter something else entirely…
    • 3 new tutorial missions at Dunkle, to introduce chants and mutagens as well as some basic mechanics like fishing and jet streams.

    Wreck diving mission outcomes

    • Come up empty handed or encounter dangerous sea creatures like Sarks. (Roughly 25% chance)
    • Find sunken ships for a 300-1200 splinters reward. (Roughly 50% chance)
    • Uncover ancient relics, vehicles and temples for up a 1600 splinter reward. (roughly 25%)
    • Encounter the mighty Kraken! (Rare chance)
    • Encounter the deadly Mosaurs of the Ursee! (Rare chance)
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