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    Team17 Announces Medieval Streaming-Led Multiplayer Romp ‘King Of The Castle’ Coming To PC In 2023

    Team17 has announced King of the Castle, a narrative-driven, streaming-led, PC multiplayer game set in a fictional fantasy kingdom, in development at London-based studio, Tributary Games. Storming the gates of PC in 2023, King of the Castle will allow players to use their Twitch account or web browser to take up the mantle of Monarch or one of their Council of Nobles hailing from the game’s five unique regions. Throughout each story, both Monarch and Nobles will have to work together to navigate a tongue-in-cheek world of power, fantasy, and political intrigue as they reckon with the treacherous – and often hilarious – consequences of steering the fate of a potentially unstable empire.

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    King of the Castle game hosts will play as the ‘Monarch’ and work through a series of mini storylines full of unique challenges, many of which can have far reaching consequences. For the Nobles, words are weapons, and at the beginning of each game, players will be assigned a unique homeland and be able to voice their thoughts using Twitch chat to discuss those dilemmas faced by the crown; plan not-so-secret uprisings; or vote upon key decisions whose impact and legitimacy will be determined by the Monarch.

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    • Cooperative online multiplayer: Work together with friends or strangers, via Twitch or your web browser, to steer the fate of your kingdom, tackle unique challenges, and play a key part in the downfall or prosperity of an empire
    • Write your story: Play through hundreds of unique Medieval fantasy stories, each with their own characters, choices, and far-reaching consequences
    • Give peace a chance… or not: As Monarch, balance the competing demands of your Nobles while keeping an eye out for brewing political unrest or revolts
    • Democracy manifest: Bribe, persuade or intimidate your way through difficult votes, or alter the law entirely to give yourself extra sway in the polls
    • Customise your kingdom: Ensure your legacy upon the land by choosing your name, pronouns, appearance, and even your family crest
    • Web browser mode: Gather a small party of 4-21 people and play together with friends! Only King of the Castle game hosts need own a copy of the game while all others can join the adventure from their mobile device or web browser using a unique access code

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