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    The Tripartite Alliance For Fair And Progressive Employment Practices (TAFEP) Concludes Investigation Into Ubisoft Singapore

    Today, Ubisoft Singapore announced that the Tripartite Alliance for Fair and Progressive Employment Practices (TAFEP) in Singapore has completed its investigation into the studio. TAFEP concluded that Ubisoft Singapore has a structured system in place to handle any workplace misconduct reports and that past reports were handled appropriately. The agency also stated that the employees’ salaries were performance-based.”

    We’ve put best practices in place at Ubisoft Singapore to ensure a safe, respectful, inclusive and equitable workplace for every member of our team. We will continue striving to be an exemplary employer in Singapore and the region, one that attracts and retains the best talents and creates amazing games that enrich the lives of our players.”

    Darryl Long – Managing Director, Ubisoft Singapore

    In July 2021, following reports alleging workplace issues, TAFEP opened an investigation into Ubisoft Singapore. The studio cooperated fully with TAFEP throughout its investigation. TAFEP has reviewed Ubisoft Singapore’s responses to its inquiry and the processes and systems it has in place, including a confidential reporting channel for employees to raise such matters, the appointment of independent parties to examine reported cases, and its audited Code of Fair Conduct. The industry body has also noted that the studio has handled all reports appropriately, with appropriate disciplinary action taken when warranted.

    Additionally, Ubisoft Singapore has appointed a third-party consultancy firm to review the company’s salary structure. Findings from the consultancy, which was shared with TAFEP, and additional checks by the industry body, revealed that Ubisoft Singapore’s salaries are performance-based. TAFEP also confirmed that the company has reasonable justifications for any disparities, such as employee experience or seniority

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