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    Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes launch trailer

    Developer Grasshopper Manufacture has finally released the launch trailer for Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes for Nintendo Switch.

    A Beam Katana in hand, let’s strike once again

    Badman shows up to avenge his daughter, Bad Girl and while battling it out with Travis gets sucked into a game world, the Death Drive MkⅡ. The console contains 6 games developed by Dr. Juvenile containing 6 Death Balls whereby collecting all 6 will grant players their one wish. It would seem like it would be ending in a small truce between Badman and Travis to bring back Bad Girl to life.

    Digital Key features are as follows:

    • Pass a Joy-Con to team up with a friend
    • Simultaneously hit Charge Attacks during co-op play to unleash co-op attack ” Choco Banana with Caramel Ice Cream”
    • Collaboration with multiple various mini games

    Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes is currently available for Nintendo Switch with the Season Pass also purchasable.

    For our previous coverage of the game, click on our link provided


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