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    Switch: Daemon x Machina gameplay

    From the Gamescom 2018, a new gameplay trailer was shown, it’s related to the fast-paced mech action game developed by Marvelous and First Studio. With the involvement of Kenichiro Tsukuda as the producer who previously worked on Armored Core.



    Apparently, the mechs are called Arsenals in this game fighting both air and ground. You are able to kill and equip enemies arsenal weapons. And this time you are able to create and play as the avatar pilots aka outers with their own weaponry, armour and traps. The outers are human being outcasts due to the superhuman abilities gained from the exposure of Femto energy.

    Story background

    The moon has crashed unto the earth, creating an unknown energy called Femto affecting life around it. The energy affected the AI created by humanity, giving it a will of its own; resulting with it rebelling against humanity. You as an outcast, have to get into the Arsenals and fight for humanity last hope.


    Here are a few features mentioned by Kenichiro Tsukuda in the latest interview:

    • The player will be able to change appearance via hangar (Lab), modify and upgrade as well, abilities such as jumping, movement speed and new skills as well
    • An outer cast
    • Certain skills in your outer (pilot) will be able to be carried over when you pilot an arsenal
    • You are able to choose missions via hangar console
    • Outer has remote controlled gun hovering above their shoulder
    • You can sprint, the stamina bar is below the HP bar, manage it well while running
    • Arsenal is able to skate while on the ground
    • Orange markers displayed on the minimap (top right) indicates your objective destination
    • Development in progress, current cut scenes are non audio voiced, rest assured it will be fully voiced in the final game
    • The hangar has 4 players available, remaining 3 be it CPU AI or friends via multiplayer; with their own load out.
    • Both online and local multiplayer is available
    • Boss battles will be a different mechanic, hitting weak points first knocking it down then stealing its weapons to be used against it
    • That’s the weapon I could steal!
    • CPU allies are able to distract the boss while you hit its weak points
    • if you defeat the boss, its weapons can be obtained for research purposes for future weapons development
    • Get a load out on this baby~
    • Heavy metal songs will be played in this game, making it punchy as producer Kenichiro Tsukuda really loves Metal (he mentioned he really is into a german band called Rammstein)
    • Sound effects, created with musical instruments making players feel that they are playing a melody while shooting, giving it a sense of rhythm (Kenichiro Tsukudacalles calls it a melody of destruction)
    • Additionally, a femto energy bar will be shown beside the stamina bar when you are in your arsenal, which works like a mana points in standard RPG’s, there will be rpg elements in this game.
    • Mentioned that Fire Emblem Awakening and Fates designer Yusuke Kozaki will be handling the cool character designs for this game

    No word on the release date yet as it is still in current development. Most likely due in 2019.

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