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    Samurai Shodown- Launch date confirmed with two new character reveals

    After previously revealing Darli Dagger, developer SNK further shows off two new characters with confirmed a showdown launch date release for Samurai Shodown. But first, check out this smashing reveal trailer below:


    Darli Dagger, Yashamaru Kurama, and Wu-Ruixiang

    It’s not a showdown without a Deluxe

    The game comes with both physical and digital copy at 7,200 yen/64.42 USD/263.47 MYR, or digital Deluxe Pack including season pass at 9,000 yen/ 80.52 USD/ 329.30 MYR which includes four additional characters releasing on August, October, December 2019 and next year February 2020.

    Early preorders of the game will have the following bonuses:

    • Standard Edition / Deluxe Pack: Costume DLC “Retro 3D: Haohmaru”
    • Deluxe Pack / Season Pass Bonus (before July 16): Costume DLC “Retro 3D: Nakoruru”


    More info on the two new characters

    Wu-Ruixiang (voiced by Seira Ryuu) is a descendant of feng shui clan who serves the Qing dynasty. She calls forth divines beasts including a sacred Dragon.

    Yashamaru Kurama (voiced by Kouhei Amasaki) moves in the shadows as the chivalrous thief “Karasu Tengu (Crow-Billed Goblin) like aka Japanese Robin Hood. He wields a nagamaki sword and uses the power of the tengu (long-nosed goblin) which has been passed down for generations.

    The game will slash its way into North America and Europe for June 2019 while the arcades version will release this summer 2019 following up with Nintendo Switch and PC for a cold winter 2019.


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