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    A Series First: Intense Two Player Couch Co-op! Ghosts ‘n Goblins Resurrection is available soon on Nintendo Switch!

    Are you prepared to CHALLENGE AGAIN? You won’t have to wait long to take up your lance and charge into the demon realm to Arthur on his latest rescue mission – Ghosts ‘n Goblins Resurrection by Capcom will be launched on Nintendo Switch this February 25th! Hit the jump for all the latest on the legendary knight’s latest adventure.


    New feature added for series first! A party play experience that is different from single player

    On top of the single-player mode, which focuses on the fun of hunkering down and overcoming challenges alone, Arthur can be aided in his quest by support characters, the Three Wise Guys. This gameplay style makes for an intense two-player co-op experience—a first for the series. Ghosts ‘n Goblins Resurrection can also be played with a single Joy-Con held horizontally, so fun couch co-op play is as easy as passing your other Joy-Con to a friend! Experience the sweaty palms and white-knuckles that come with single-player mode, or share the fun with your friends in a party game-like co-op experience!

    Note: Local co-op only. Online play is not supported.

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    Call Upon The Three Wise Guys! For Some Ancestral Aid!

    The Three Wise Guys are the ancestral guardian spirits of our hero, Arthur. They can be called down from the heavens to aid him with their distinct magical powers. Player 2 can join Player 1 in the fray at any time* and swap between the Three Wise Guys on the fly. Change characters to match the needs of any given situation and help Arthur on his journey through the Demon Realm! The Three Wise Guys, floating through the air in their ghostly glory, can each use a different magic power as well as attack with projectiles. If they take enough damage from foes, they’ll revert to their spirit form and retire from battle for a short amount of time, after which they’ll be back for more. Don’t worry, there’s no limit to the amount of times they can resurrect!

    *When Player 1 has turned on the 2 Player Settings in the game’s menu.

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