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    The final trailer of Bravely Default II brings more light into it’s story

    One of Nintendo Switch’s most anticipated RPG has finally revealed its final trailer. BRAVELY DEFAULT II final trailer was released ahead of its worldwide launch on 26th February 2021.

    The trailer showcases the new Heroes of Light and the “Asterisk holders” as good parts of an all brand new story. While there are no signs yet of any past characters appearing but the trailer does showcases the ever-flexible job-changing system that the first game was known for.

    The game’s visual has also gone through some huge upgrades in comparison to the first game’s entry on the 3DS system. While the visual fidelity may change, the game’s core system remains intact such as the turn-based system.

    Fans may also notice that the game is now currently helmed by a new studio call Clay Tech Works. While it can be worrying when there is a new studio handling a sequel, but rest assured that the team behind it consists of many key people who have worked on the first game.

    BRAVELY DEFAULT™ II will be releasing worldwide on February 26th exclusively for the Nintendo Switch system.

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