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    Fitness Boxing Instructor Trailers

    Developer Imagineer has recently released a few gameplay videos for Fitness Boxing with your respective 6 boxing instructors. Here are them in order of their names and voice actors:

    1. Bernard (by Akio Ootsuka)
    2. Evan (bu Yuichi Nakamura)
    3. Laura (by Aksuko Tanaka)
    4. Lin (by Saori Hayami)
    5. Martina (by Sumire Uesaka)
    6. Sophie (by Ami Koshimizu)







    Bring out the boxer in you

    Here are a few left hook boxing features in this game:

    • Using Joy Con as motion moves with rhythm workout
    • Move along the songs
    • Personalize according to your fitness goals
    • Short or Long workouts is applicable
    • Co-op or competitive with your friends
    • Play on TV or tabletop mode
    • There will be tracking on your progress via BMI and calories burned

    This game has been released in Japan and Europe on December 20-21, 2018 and will box its way to North America on January 4, 2019.

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