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    Fitness Boxing Overview Trailer

    Developer Imagineer and Nintendo has released an even more pumped up trailer for its rhythmic boxing game, Fitness Boxing. The game features many game modes, customization options, calendar options and even more hopefully, to get you more hooked into it. If you have missed our previous instructors trailers, check out our previous coverage.

    More personalized boxing

    This game offers features as per following:

    • Fitness goals available for your preference
    • Choose your preferred trainers on the go
    • Try different combos to fit your routine
    • Optional to pump the speed of your songs for faster paced
    • Choose your background for better experience
    • Set what materials to punch at by choosing woods or glass by example
    • Calendar feature available for tracking purposes
    • Customization trainers as well is available
    • Co-op or competitive with your friends

    Currently released in North America, Japan and Europe for Nintendo Switch pricing at $49.99 equivalent to 206.05 MYR. Additionally, a 3-day trial demo is available via the Nintendo eShop.

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