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    Switch owners is about to get all mud and dirt with MX vs ATV All Out this September

    Nintendo Switch owners are about to get their chance down on some off-road dirt racing experience. THQ Nordic and Rainbow Studios has put out the word that MX vs ATV All Out will be hitting the handheld console this coming 1st September. This is a re-release of the PS4, Xbox One and PC version.

    Touted as the leader in off-road racing games, MX vs ATV All Out is jam packed with many bikes, ATVs, assortment of gears, various riders and personalities and even more UTVs to ride on. The MX vs ATV series has long been around since 2005.

    The latest in the franchise was re-built from the ground up to provide not only the biggest but the best off-road lifestyle gaming experience to date.

    MX vs ATV All Out Features:-

    • 2 player split-screen and 16 player online mode
    • Compete in various modes like Supercross, Nationals, Opencross, Waypoint, Tag and more!
    • Master insane stunts and test your limits in freestyle mode
    • Turn your garage into a show room for all of your customized vehicles
    • Select your own style from numerous gear companies or compete with one of the many top pro riders from around the world

    While the Switch version is more than capable to handle the game features everything except for one small change. The online multiplayer support will be reduced from the original 16 to 8.

    MX vs ATV All Out will be launched for the Nintendo Switch this 1st September. Meanwhile, the game is readily available for the PS4, Xbox One and PC right now.

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