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    Switch: Astral Chain releases yet another Overview Trailer

    Almost immediately after our coverage on the E3 2019 of Astral Chain gameplay, Nintendo released another 10-minute Japanese overview trailer with Platinum Games and game designer Takahisa Taura.

    Aside from the aforementioned chain binding, you are able to bind multiple enemies as well based on the video. Here are the features mentioned before (with a bit of add on) on E3 reveal:

    • Each Legion has it’s own skill tree


    • Attack enemy from behind will allow critical damage popping up as yellow text
    • Exploration of headquarters Neuron and city with the use of Legion for investigating cases and solving environmental puzzles
    • Control your legion via ZL button via an attached chain
    • The chain can be used to subdue citizens, get red matter in environments tainted with it, hack CCTV’s and close dimensional rifts gate
    • You can enter Rift Gates as means for a challenge mode, story and puzzle elements
    • Linking the chain with combos, bind or throw to your enemies mid attack/defence
    • Learn and utilize all Legion benefits as the combat can be quite challenging especially the bosses
    • You are able to summon 2 legions at once midst combat
    • Changing Legion will stop time for a better tactical approach to combat
    • Linking combo’s is available midst combat while pressing the corresponding button as your character shines which is also called sync attack
    • Finish off enemies is available

    Astral Chain will be chaining its way into stores this coming August 30, 2019.
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